The Predator Mod servers (offline for good)

Infiltration. Alpha has infinite pred. on, can use only chainsaws and each minute one of these predators are given a bomb- they can use it by stepping on the ground, typing /bomb to place it and repeating /bomb to detonate it at will. Their objective is to capture the black flag and bring it onto the white flag. When they kill an enemy with their saw they automatically have 40% of their hp left which means they are a bit visible because they start bleeding until they get their next round of predator boxes (every 15 seconds)
Bravo on the other hand is completely visible and can use only barretts to kill the predators. These hunters have modified barretts- they have six bullets, reduced bink and movement penalty, a bit less startuptime and tripled damage. Their objective is to seek out and destroy the predators by listening and looking around carefully.
The scripting of this gamemode was done by danmer
Everything else by ViGGoLoNiGGoLo.

Server #1: IP: Port: 23072
Server #2 : IP: Port: 23073

Hosted by Blah & danmer

Here are the current official Predator Mod maps:

Inf_Hunt (remake of Anal Raiders inf_cliff2)

Inf_Prey (remake of inf_the_bunker)

Inf_Chase (remake of Rambo 6's inf_lighthouse)

Inf_Wrapz (remake of INFMS's inf_ms_wrapz)

Inf_Ponuland (remake of inf_ponutehdas)

Inf_Cavern (remake of inf_cliff2 which was originally made by Anal-Raider)

Inf_1960 (remake of Interruptman's inf_Cyrenaika)

All mappers that have made the original maps- great thanks to them for their layout. As you might have noticed- they are now heavily scenerized with all sorts of different scenery. That is for providing more cover for the somewhat invisible predators. Modified maps made by ViGGoLoNiGGoLo

EDIT: Me and danmer had a discussion about what else should be implemented into the predmod and I came up with a radar function for bravo the radar: The radar is a thingy that shows the Bravo team how many predators are near the black flag. Like this: There are 2 predators near the flag. When the black flag is captured, the radar stops functioning until the flag is returned to its starting position.

/bomb: currently /bomb is an alphas weapon. /bomb places the bomb where the predator is standing. When a Bravo player steps on it, he gets blown up into pieces. The bomb is given every 60 seconds to one random predator.

Vig's unfinished Soldat maps I

Here are the maps that were left behind as bags of crotches (don't ask what those are). I teased some of the people by showing them and stating that I'm leaving, when I really was, just for fun. The maps below are those, that most probably WILL BE finished. I left out those that definitely aren't- that is exactly why the numeration is so weird. Ultimately there were 19 unfinished maps. Here are the one's I though are worth finishing more than the rest.

I. Ctf_crossing

Screenshot1 Blue
Screenshot2 Middle
Screenshot3 Tunnel

III. inf_hlabo experimental name given by a continental mental soldat player, I'll change it if I care
Screenshot1: Blue
Screenshot2: Castle
Screenshot3: Semi middle

VIII. htf_onix


IX. htf_quad (polybugless, lack of scenery)

X. htf_titanic (polybugless)

XI. inf_Vobango


XIV. Drit /dm_drit ( In Norwegian drit means sh*t)

Drit in nightvision mode- a result of me messing around.

XV. Inf_Gox


XVI. Inf_Bottleneck


If you want to see all of the 19 incomplete maps, then click Here.
I suggest commenting on which maps you like and which maps you don't visually enjoy. When I will have finished working on them- they will look twice as better as they do now, hence the name: unfinished maps.