2 new Predator Hunt Mod maps

Inf_Gaul (remake of Anal Raiders inf_AR-Sneek)

inf_Boiler (not a remake of anything, an original map by me)

Basics and strategies of PredMod (Soldat)


The basics and strategies [version 1.0]
Alpha team:
Alpha team = Predators
Alpha team’s only weapons are the chainsaw and the landmine (for now)
A Predator, when eliminated an enemy, automatically loses 60% of his health, gets covered in blood, thus becoming rather visible. If a predator smites more opponents than one, he doesn’t lose 60 more percent of his health, but it still keeps 40hp which means it is possible to kill as many opponents as possible without fear of dying from the “Alpha Chainsaw Penalty”. However, by killing a lot, the killer Predator is more vulnerable to enemy fire since the blood splatters that become visible to the enemies make the Alpha player a walking bulls-eye. The lost health is replenished after a certain amount of time when the next invisibility package is given to the Alpha players.
The alpha team should never go for the flag alone. The best choice would be to go as a 2-4 person team, where the leading one tries to eliminate as many enemies as possible and by doing so, distracts the foes and lets his teammates pass undetected. If the enemy respawns very fast, the second teammate should use the same tactic as the first one did by sacrificing himself in order to win the round. When the survivors have reached the vicinity of the black flag, they shouldn’t rush for it all together, but only one should capture it, because the bravo team has a radar which indicates how many enemies are there at the desired flag. So in order to confuse the opponents, one alpha predator should capture the objective and throw it to his teammates that are waiting for him behind. That is a good thing to do because as soon as the flag gets captured, the bravo radar stops functioning and that means they can’t determine how many enemies are there in their base. That is a great opportunity for alpha to go and score, because the one that gets the thrown flag starts running back to his base while his teammates rip the bravo team in pieces, since their full attention is on the escaping flag carrier and the others remain unspotted.
Attacking one enemy in groups is also a good way to take him down, because Hunters have very long fire-intervals and reloads, so they can’t take out over one Predator at a time (without luck of course- Bravo bullets pierce Alpha players’ corpses and still remain deadly until becoming completely immobile). Bravo players also have only five bullets which means they don’t have the opportunity to shoot when and where they want to.
As most of you all who have played as Predators know, the Alpha team has landmines. They are given to one random person every sixty seconds if it has been placed somewhere. If the landmine has not been placed anywhere, it will take a bit more time before the bomb is given to someone else. The landmine should be used wisely. Planting it somewhere in your spawnpoint or in remote areas wouldn’t be useful, the best places to plant it would be in a place, which is the most used by the enemy. Preferably in the middle of the map, because placing it too close to their own base would turn out to be useless- they will respawn very fast and kill you for it. Placing the bomb onto the objective is also rather pointless because those bases are close to bravo respawn points. Planting the landmines in places that are very often used as camping spots by enemies are very good places to put them.
While playing as a Predator it is not recommended to use jets unless it is a necessity. Jets can be easily seen and heard by the opponents and that is the last thing a predator would want.
The Predators are not completely invisible- approximately 5% is still visible- appear as shadows.
Hunters can hear your footsteps and movement when in normal, prone or crouch position on certain “steps enabled” maps. On “steps disabled” maps Hunters can hear your footsteps and movement in prone an crouch positions. Running at full speed is not recommended, because it is easier for enemies to spot a Predator that way- footsteps + a visible fast-paced shadow.

Using a lot of backflip techniques is a good way for Predators to dodge enemy fire. Crouching is also quite an effective way of dodging enemy bullets, but not as good as being in prone position. As soon as you, as a Predator, think you have been detected, get into prone position as quickly as possible, because the enemy will try to shoot you down without hesitation.
Predators are most vulnerable when in air, because they contrast with the sky and can’t change their movement speed that is why they should avoid being airborne for too long.
*Doing the /mercy bloodbug is a fine way to distract enemy snipers- especially when spinning the crosshair around.*
*The infinite chainsaw dropping bug is also a good (but annoying) way to distract the Hunters.*
Each Alpha player can use the /homo command once per map to distract the opponents with random insulting text (it can be used for an unlimited number of times by admins).
The objective of Predators is to capture the black flag and to bring it back to their base, not to kill Hunters.
Alpha players can knock Bravo players’ rifles out of their hands by punching.
Bravo team:
Bravo team= Hunters

The best tactic for Bravo is to form two-member parties and move out while one of the two-member parties must stay in their base. Why two-member parties? Because if your fellow companion gets annihilated- you, playing as a Hunter, can avenge his death until he comes back to your aid. If you get killed- he would avenge your death too and then wait for you.

Hunter party should let one of the members go forward first and the other one should cover his back. Moving out together would be suicide.
When a Hunter stays behind another teammate, his bullets might get blocked by his body so staying too close to a team member is ineffective. Best to stay a couple of steps away just in case.
When there are more than one enemy at the flag (the radar will tell), Hunters should move out to the white flag to block the flag carriers escape path.
Running about aimlessly is suicide for Bravo, because it is extremely difficult to spot enemies while moving. That is exactly why Bravo team is a campers team.
The Barretts have scopes, Hunters should use them very often to spot enemies from a distance.
Picking up the chainsaws dropped by Predators automatically gives the Hunter a fully reloaded Sniper rifle.
Killing an ordinary Predator with a Barrett shot gives the killer +1 ammo and eliminating the flag carrier +2 ammo.
The Hunters have no Bink and no Movement accuracy penalties and a very fast bullet, which means that wherever the Hunter is aiming- the bullet will hit the target.
The Predators won’t attack you until they are sure that you can’t see them. The Hunter can take advantage of this- intentionally turning the barrett barrel the other way from where the Predator is hiding himself- the Alpha player will approach you and as soon as he is in the line of fire, the best thing to do would be to turn the barrel the other way and bang- kill the enemy. The attacker probably won’t understand a thing.
Picking up a teammates barrett from the ground gives the picker a second rifle. It is very advantageous in case there are two enemies incoming. Picking up a chainsaw just replaces the previous rifle with a new one that has a full magazine.
Having one suicide runner is good for the Bravo team because his death will reveal the positions of incoming Predators and also detonate landmines. It is also possible that the Predators will chase after him instead of completing their main objective- capturing the black flag.
If a Predator knocks a Hunters rifle out of his hands and then picks it up thus disarming the Bravo player- the best solution for the Hunter would be to perform /kill.
The best defense for Bravo would be to cover all possible tunnels that Alpha players might come from, not defend one tunnel with all the teammates- some foe could always sneak up from behind.
The objective of the Bravo team is to defend the black flag from Alpha team Predators, not to run aimlessly around.
When the flag is captured- the radar stops working, but when the flag is returned back to its position- the radar start working again. In case the flag is in position, but the radar works as if it has been captured- it means it either really is captured by the enemy or it is bugging and it should be re-returned. Bravos can re-return the black flag by punching it out of base and then stepping onto it.
When a Hunter spots an enemy, but gets killed- he should inform his teammates of an incoming danger.
Basic Rules:

**Spawnkilling isn’t allowed**
**Camping in the same place for too long isn’t allowed either**
**Love and respect Admins**
**Majors get auto-kicked from the servers**
**People with too long names get auto-kicked from the servers**
**Spammers and Flooders are warned and then auto-kicked from the servers**
**The maps on the servers are custom-made for the Predator Mod servers**
**Racial discrimination, sexual orientation conversations, religious advertisements, rape victims, world peace- those are not necessary topics of discussion on the servers**
**Don’t suggest improvements to admins unless open discussions are allowed by them**
**Stupid reasoned vote-kickers will get a warning**
**The creators of the Predator Mod are ViG and danmer, nobody else**
**Unbalanced teams will be balanced forcefully by an admin, even if the Auto-teambalancer doesn’t work**
**Disobeying the rules will lead to a warning, then a BAN**
[Written by vig]